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Online Personal Safety Awareness Package

Sadly in our society becoming a victim of violent crime is on the increase therefore looking after our own personal safety is becoming more and more a predominant factor in our lives.

The vast majority of criminals who commit crime are opportunists who capitalise on particular situations as they arise.

The main way of reducing the risk to yourself from opportunists therefore is simply by avoiding doing the very things that create the opportunities they depend upon.

This video based series is split into twelve professionally produced and easy to understand sections and is packed with personal safety tips that everyone should know and anyone can do.

Topics covered include:

  •    Course Introduction
  •    Handling Aggression
  •    Be Safe in your Home
  •    Travelling Safer
  •    Take Care in your Car
  •    Walking the Dog
  •    Student Safety
  •    Having a Safe Night Out
  •    Simple Self Defence Tactics
  •    Self Defence or Martial Arts
  •    The Legal Questions
  •    Bonus: Solo Travellers Personal Safety Tips

The whole package including the bonus video for Solo Travellers is available to view straightaway for only £49.00

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