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Client Testimonials

We pride ourselves on delivering specialist training to the highest standards. We have worked with numerous clients from the NHS Healthcare Sector, Council Staff, Social Workers, Police Officers, Teachers, Youth Organisations, Door Staff, Stewards and many more.

Here is what they say about us:.

Just a little feedback, today the lads were dealing with a medical emergency where a female fell ill on the escalators. The escalator was isolated by the emergency cut off but the female who was on the larger side was still standing on the escalator, but very unsteady on her feet. Security staff attended and decided to use the technique of assisting the female on the stairs either side with the support on the hip by a member of staff which was very successful. I asked them for feedback and he thought the technique was excellent and felt that the manoeuvre was much more practical and safer for the staff and the patient. The officers felt it was more professional as it was in a public area and it looked easier on the eye in front of members of the public and a school choir who was singing Christmas songs in the main hall rather than previous technique of a arm and a leg each. Great to see the lads adapting what they have been shown and using it. Great work mate thanks.

Steve Mangan - Security Manager Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen Hospital

Really Enjoyable and very well delivered by Chris,Excellent.

John Stead - Countess of Chester Hospital Security

Really impressed, great knowledge, great trainer look forward to the next session.

Rocco Viscito - Hillingdon Council

Brilliant Techniques, excellent trainer and I enjoyed the scenarios. Thanks to you Chris- different

Lorraine Graham - Motive 8

The best 2 day course I have attended in PST refresher. Trainers informative and they delivered the course with a practical common sense approach making the course not only enjoyable but informative.

West Midlands Police

Thanks, it was good actually to get a different perspective actually of what other forces use and then adapting it to what we use. Some of our techniques did need tweaking and its actually brilliant when you go and it’s not the same mundane input. Great delivery, Great Course, great trainers.

West Midlands Police

Brilliant. Learnt a lot today and feel more confident and aware.

Laura Thurstan - North West Care Leavers

This course was relevant to my role and interesting. The knowledge of the law is beneficial.

Gary Parish - North West Care Leavers

Absolutely essential training for our role in the community. Vital life skills, brilliant trainer, would definitely recommend.

Karen Barron - South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue

Excellent and thought provoking. Most valuable part is risk spotting.

Ruth Dickens - South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue

Excellent delivery, kept us engaged. Fantastic course and content, Chris’s delivery style is exceptional.  Overall a worthwhile course, very memorable and interesting.

Joanne Pearson - South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue

Very informative, laymans terms and great examples. This course was interesting and educational and I feel better equipped to deal with such behaviours in the course of my work. Glad to see examples that despite being graphic avoided mock situations and role play.

Paul Wilde - Countess Of Chester

We really enjoyed the course and can’t wait for the next 2 modules, this was inspirational, fresh and varied. Not what we expected .

Hazel, Ross, Joan & Megan - Equity Housing

Very interesting and informative, good to come away with the booklet to reflect and recap.

Northwards Housing Officers

Excellent and well tutored, all staff should attend the course. Beneficial to everyone..

Warrington Housing

The tutor Chris engaged everyone for the entire day, he shared his own experiences and discussed historic cases that had been in the media in the past throughout the day and also at points where we were going through legislation.

Harrogate BC

Well balanced course, role play exercise was very useful and thought provoking. Well worth attending. (Enhanced Conflict Management)

Rochdale Council

I found this course invaluable, it really gave me food for thought and I know I will be a lot more aware in my everyday work. (Enhanced Conflict Management)

Rochdale Council

Chris is the best trainer I have had in over 19 years of employment.

Richard Cobden - Countess of Chester Hospital Security

Chris was very professional, knew his subject well.

Maxine Henson - Hillingdon Council

The course was really helpful and fun. Lots of information and skills not just to use at work, but in your everyday life.

Sue Thompson - Motive 8

Chris demonstrated his vast knowledge and understanding of the subject and also took into account the experiences of their students over the 2 days. I found the course informative, active and fun and I walked away having learnt some new techniques to consider in future events.

West Midlands Police

 I feel all the employees should do this course with regular refreshers.

Louise Barlow - Stockport Homes

We have seen a significant reduction in verbal abuse towards staff compared to last year and this is attributed to the training you have provided.

Neil Smith, Health and Safety Manager - Stockport Homes

A different approach to some other council training I have done, very useful. This course was simple and effective and better than other courses I have attended.

Brian Hagyard , Civilian Enforcement Officer- Harrogate Council

Excellent style of training, very engaging and practical demonstrations – excellent.– everyone should do this course.

Keir Taylor - Stockport Homes

Good course for operatives, anyone on call or who works alone.

Louis Smith - Stockport Homes

Excellent course. I have done conflict management courses before but never remembered any of the content. This one was taught very well.

Kirstie Bennett - South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue

Good pace and delivery, kept it interesting.

Chris Greenwood - Lancashire Dispersal Housing

Excellent Presentation, Great Rapport. Thoroughly enjoyed the course,  relevant content and great trainer.

Ava Williams - North West Care Leavers

Chris made everyone feel at ease, everything we covered was helpful.

Julie Griffiths - North West Care Leavers

Excellent trainer, very informative and a well taught course.

Stephen O’Brien - Royal Liverpool Hospital

Chris was excellent and worked at everyone’s individual pace, the course was excellent, well delivered, fun and informative.

Ste Mangan( Security Manager)

The trainers had good knowledge and applied at the right level. It was a good course to enhance skills and put them in the right order.

Ged Basson - North West Fire Control

The trainers were engaging and experts in their field, the role plays aspect of the course were very effective.

Tessa Tracey - North West Fire Control

Fantastic pace, knowledge, detail, humour, depth of experience and examples, and mediums of media. Eg video, powerpoint, white board, facilitation etc. Completely loved this course, learnt lots of news skills and had fun.Great trainer and flt it was really relevant to my role.-

Stockport Homes - Positive Relationship Team

Chris made it fun which kept everyone’s interest. Best course I have ever attended. Wouldn’t change course content – was excellent.

Colne Housing

Enjoyed start to finish, learnt things that I will take away from the training not just in work but personal life.

Northwards Housing Officers