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Welcome to Anderson Consultancy Training

Anderson Consultancy Training offer a range of specialised training solutions aimed at managers, staff and individuals wanting to improve their skill when dealing with conflict and physical intervention in their organisation or workplace. We offer modular courses with content tailored to numerous staff groups including the NHS Healthcare Sector, Council Staff, Social Workers, Police Officers, Civilian Enforcement Officers, Teachers, Temporary Housing Associations, Anti Social Behaviour Teams, Youth Organisations, Stewards and many more. We are able to provide training both in the UK and for International Clients.

Bespoke and accredited Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression (PMVA) courses can also be provided for clients with staff who regularly deal with violence or aggression during the course of their work.

All of our courses are designed to meet nationally recognised training standards and lead to qualifications which are accredited by national bodies.

We are a professional (MICM) of the Institute of Conflict Management (ICM), and operate to the ICM Code of Practice. The ICM is dedicated to 'setting standards in the prevention and management of aggression and conflict'.

Anderson Consultancy Training also offer a specialist Expert Witness service in the Criminal Law sector and are associate trainers with Blue Light Consultancy, HQN, West Midlands Police and Red Snapper recruitment.

To find out more about any of our services please follow the links below or make an enquiry on our Contact page.

ACT - before it's too late.


* A New Course for Enhanced Conflict Management is now available * This specialised course is for organisations and staff that have had provided previous conflict management training and require additional support and development. It includes legislation, a full breakaways package, scenario based training where students deal with real life role play situation, receive developmental feedback and finally report writing with feedback. - To view details click here

* New Guidelines for April 2021 * - In relation to the new BILD/ RRN training standards 2019 that from April 2021 it will be mandatory for all training with a restrictive intervention component that is being delivered to NHS commissioned services.

McCormack training Ltd is the first training company in the country to successfully pass the BILD accreditation for delivering training to the RRN standards within acute medical care.

Anderson Consultancy Training is currently working towards associated membership using the McCormack Training Ltd approved PMVA Course.

This course is module based, and makes up part of the Positive Management of Violence and Aggression course. (PMVA) and is currently working towards BILD Accreditation which meets the guidelines set by various NHS Trusts as part of their Restraint and Restrictive practices policies for adults (18 years and above) outside of critical care areas.

As a McCormack Centre and Trainer, this additional accreditation will endorse the training required nationally by NHS providers.

  • Conflict Resolution

    Anderson Consultancy Training offer a number of courses covering a wide spectrum of Conflict Management Training.

    There are many organisations, not just law enforcement agencies, which can and do benefit from our highly specialised conflict management and Physical Intervention training.

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  • Personal Safety

    Our mission - Our personal safety training courses are designed to improve awareness to risks in the workplace in order to to reduce the impact of physical and verbal abuse.

    We offer a range of courses to encourage staff to take a proactive approach to maintaining their personal safety.

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  • Expert Witness

    Expert Witnesses play a fundamental role within the UK’s judicial system by providing opinion evidence to assist courts in reaching decisions.

    They may be asked to write a report or statement and be called to give evidence in a wide variety of legal forums and professional conduct hearings.

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Latest News

  • December 2017
    Brent Council fined 100,000 after two social workers assaulted
    A local authority was fined a six-figure sum after two social workers were attacked by a vulnerable child's mother - who had a history of violence.. . .  read more »
  • September 2017
    Teacher charged with Common Assault
    A 27-year-old Teaching Assistant was charged with common assault for causing injuries to an eight-year-old child during a restraint in a school.. . .  read more »
  • May 2017
    Mental health trust prosecuted.
    The Health and Safety Executive has confirmed that it is prosecuting a mental health trust after two members of nursing staff were attacked by a patient last July. . . .  read more »

What our clients say?

Personal Safety Training
We have seen a significant reduction in verbal abuse towards staff compared to last year and this is attributed to the training you have provided.

Neil Smith
Health and Safety Manager - Stockport Homes

Conflict Management/Breakaways -
Very Professional, learned so much and feel more confident in my role.

East Cheshire Council

Expert Witness -
Many thanks for attending the hearing on Wednesday. Counsel and our client were extremely impressed by your evidence, professionalism and kindness. The contested charges against our client including the restraint charge were found not proved. Excellent result.

Senior Solicitor
Royal College of Nursing